For Child and Allied Health Professionals

Kidsafe WA offers a range of services, evidence based strategies and publications which can inform and complement the work undertaken by Child and Allied Health Professionals.


Child Car Restraint Services

Kidsafe WA has extensive experience in the installation and use of child car restraints for children of all ages. At the Kidsafe WA centre we have a child car restraint display room which showcases a selection of models from each of the major child car restraint manufacturers for all age groups. Kidsafe WA can also provide assistance for parents and carers of children with special needs or medical complications that require additional consideration for safe transport.

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Safety Demonstration House

The Kidsafe WA Safety Demonstration House mirrors a typical family home demonstrating best practice safety measures to protect children. The house is available to tour for individuals as well as school groups, parent groups, professionals and anyone interested in child safety.

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Training and Workshops
Kidsafe WA also offers a range of professional training and workshops. These sessions incorporate key information relevant to child and allied health professionals.

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Professional Resources

To complement our range of services Kidsafe WA has a range of professional resources which are free or able to be purchased at a nominal fee (excluding postage and handling) through our online shop.

Resources which may be of interest for Child and Allied Health Professionals include:

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Upcoming Events

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