Sport Safety

Sport and physical activity are an essential part of a healthy childhood, allowing children to improve physical, cognitive and social skills with others. Unfortunately childhood sporting injuries continue to rise and are often seen as a barrier for participation.

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Kidsafe WA Sports provides a range of tools to assist coaches, parents and players on how to reduce the risk of childhood injury during sport and physical activity. Kidsafe WA Sports will help make sure kids are playing sport, not injured on the sidelines.

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Fact Sheets

Sport Safety

Around 4,300 children present to the PMH Emergency Department every year for a sports related injury, with older children between 10 and 14 years at greater risk of injury.

Sport Safety Fact Sheet Sport Safety Fact Sheet (350 KB)

Safety Equipment

Appropriate safety equipment worn correctly while participating in sport and recreational activities is essential in reducing the risk of sports injury.

Safety Equipment Fact Sheet Safety Equipment Fact Sheet (216 KB)

Mouthguard Poster Mouthguard Poster (11372 KB)

Preparing for Sport

All young athletes should participate in adequate training before taking part in competition or games.

Preparing for Sport Fact Sheet Preparing for Sport Fact Sheet (175 KB)

Modified Sports Poster Modified Sports Poster (27709 KB)

Warm Up Poster Warm Up Poster (23864 KB)


Drinking fluids is an important part of participating in any sport or recreational activity. Staying well hydrated reduces your risk of sustaining a heat related injury and can increase physical performance levels.

Hydration Fact Sheet Hydration Fact Sheet (356 KB)

Heat Related Illness Poster Heat Related Illness Poster (22211 KB)

Hydration Poster Hydration Poster (11582 KB)


Concussion is a form of mild traumatic brain injury affecting the brains ability to acquire and process information. In sport it is commonly caused by collisions and falls that result in an impulsive force to the brain.

Concussion Fact Sheet Concussion Fact Sheet (364 KB)

Concussion Poster Concussion Poster (13734 KB)