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Become a Qualified Child Car Seat Installer or Playground Inspector

Did you know Kidsafe WA is a Registered Training Organisation? We have been delivering quality nationally recognised accredited training since 2010 and want to continue to help individuals, organisations and businesses to meet their training needs.

All of our training courses have an emphasis on practical skills. At least 50% of the time spent undertaking training with Kidsafe is putting knowledge
and skills into practice

Child Car Restraint Training

Our child car restraint fitting course (52778WA) is designed to assist those wanting to deliver services to the public, and be recognised as an Authorised Installer on the WA Type 1 Fitters Network. In the past we have had staff from baby goods retailers, vehicle service and repairers, vehicle and restraint hire services, government department transport employees, health and other industries participate in either our regularly scheduled courses or host their own courses in-house.

If you transport children in your job role but don’t need to be recognised as a Type 1 Fitter, our Child Car Restraint Education Workshop is aligned with
the single unit of competency RSCICR301A and provides you everything you need to know around transporting children in your vehicle fleet using your
own restraints.

Playground Training

Need to undertake Playground Inspections in your workplace? We offer all levels through our three different courses in Visual, Operational and Comprehensive inspections aligned with national units of competency AHCPGD206, AHCPGD305 and AHCPGD505.

Why not contact us to find out more about how we can tailor our accredited training courses to meet your staff training needs. For full details of our
courses and scheduled dates visit or contact our Manager of Training Services here.