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Consumer Protection Awards, Kidsafe WA Award

The Western Australian Consumer Protection Awards recognises the successes achieved through individuals, non-government organisations, businesses, local governments, journalists, and media outlets in consumer advocacy in WA. We congratulate all recipients who won an award in the 2021 Western Australian Consumer Protection Awards.

The Kidsafe WA award acknowledges the work of individuals, local and non-government organisations, businesses, or groups of individuals who positively impact the childhood injury prevention sector. It identifies those who have made a significant contribution to raise awareness towards product hazards, developing new products that improve consumer safety, or delivering educational content that informs the community around childhood injury prevention.

The 2021 Kidsafe WA award went to Melanie (Mel) Mitchell who launched Lachlan’s Legacy.

Mel established Lachlan’s Legacy and her work in childhood drowning prevention after losing her almost-three-year-old son Lachlan, after drowning in a backyard pool at a family daycare centre (FDC) in 2015. Alongside running Lachlan’s Legacy, Mel is also an ambassador for the joint Consumer Protection and Royal Life Saving Society Australia ‘Don’t Duck Out, Make it SAFE’ campaign.

Mel met with senior Western Australian politicians to influence the State Government to increase checks at FDCs where there was current access to water. Mel achieved her goal in 2020, with the State Government announcing new swimming pool regulations to make FDCs safer by phasing out swimming pools and spas, requiring stronger regulations and adequate staff training.