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Electrical Safety around the Home

Electricity is an essential part of our busy day to day lives, making it easy to become complacent when it comes to electrical safety. Children can be at risk of electrical injury if they are using appliances with worn or damaged electrical cords, inserting objects into power points, using faulty appliances or light switches, or using appliances around water.

Thanks to the ongoing support of Horizon Power, Kidsafe WA continues to educate families across Western Australia about how to stay safe when using electricity within the home.

The following tips will help to keep you and your family safe from electrical injury:

  • Always turn off appliances that are not in use and before removing plugs from a power point.
  • Only use one double adaptor per power point.
  • Check appliances regularly and stop using an appliance immediately if it becomes faulty.
  • Never insert metal objects into an appliance or power point. Use safety covers to prevent or discourage children from doing this.
  • Never leave electrical appliances unattended around children.
  • Never touch an electrical appliance if you are wet or near water.
  • Take care not to stretch or damage electrical cords and always hold the plug, not the cord to remove it from a power point.
  • Ensure your home has a residual current device (RCD) installed.

For more tips on using electricity safely in your home, use the following guide from our friends at Horizon Power or visit to see the Kidsafe WA Electrical Safety Fact Sheet.

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