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Keeping Kids Safe in the Garden Webinar

Kidsafe WA was very fortunate to have guest speakers Annette Hoskin, Research Fellow at the Save Sight Institute, University of Sydney and the Lions Eye Institute, University of Western Australia; and Ann-Maree Lynch Head of Department Poisons Information Centre, Adjunct Research Officer, Emergency Medicine, The University of Western Australia.

Annette explored common eye injuries that occur in the garden setting, provided specific examples of garden hazards that can lead to eye injuries and prevention strategies to reduce the risk of injury occurring. Ann-Maree provided details into the types of cases reported to the Western Australia Poisons Information Centre and discussed where poison exposures occur in home gardens. Ann-Maree also listed plants of significant toxicity and delivered poisoning prevention strategies.

Over a 12 month period from 2019/20 the Poisons Information Line received over 800 calls from garden-related product poisonings. These were broken down into categories of: garden products, fungi, pesticides, plants and soil improvers. The most common item report on during this period was plants and was commonly reported as a child had ingested the plant.

The webinar was made available via recording for anyone who was not able to attend on the day. To view this recording please use this link provided –

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