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Kidsafe WA and ATCO Working Together to Promote Safety

The ongoing support of ATCO assists Kidsafe WA in maintaining the Safety Demonstration House to educate families on keeping children safe in the home. The Safety Demonstration House highlights potential hazards around the home and provides tips on reducing the risk of injuries from these hazards.

ATCO assisted with the installation of gas appliances in the Safety Demonstration House and ensured all safety compliance measures were met to provide visitors with a realistic understanding of using gas safely in the home. In addition, ATCO provides tailored safety messaging for the house’s gas appliances.

Here are some important safety messages provided by ATCO to keep your family safe:

  • Gas is a flammable substance with a distinctive odour, similar to rotten eggs. If you can smell gas, always eliminate ignition sources. For example:
    • Do not smoke.
    • Do not operate electrical appliances.
    • Do not operate light switches or mobile phones.
    • Move away from the area and call our Faults and Emergencies team on 13 13 52* 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (*local call fee from anywhere
      in the state excluding mobiles).
  • Have your gas appliances serviced regularly to ensure they are not faulty.
  • Do not use any gas appliance, other than a heater, to warm your home – this can be very dangerous.
  • Make sure barbeques and patio heaters are kept outside in a well-ventilated area.
  • Know where your gas meter is! It will be located in a metal box at the front of your property. If there is a gas leak, you need to switch off the gas supply from the meter box until the leak is attended to.

The Safety Demonstration House is located at Kidsafe WA’s community facility in West Leederville and is open to the public between 9.00am and 4.00pm Monday to Friday. In addition, Kidsafe WA offer guided tours of the Safety Demonstration House for groups and individuals. For session times or to book a guided tour, contact Kidsafe WA on 08 6244 4880.

Kidsafe WA look forward to collaborating further with ATCO on safety campaigns and awareness raising initiatives, to ensure the WA community is provided with the best and most relevant information to protect children from injury.