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Kidsafe WA Webinar: Keeping Kids Safe over the Holidays

The summer holidays can often be a busy time for families packed with cooking, eating, gift-buying and travelling. While it’s a great time of year for kids, it can be easy for parents to get distracted and be less-attentive than usual. With lapses in supervision and changes in routine for children and adults, there can be an increased risk of preventable injuries happening to children.

Each year in Western Australian 27 children will die from an injury, while a further 7,000 are hospitalised. Between 2014 and 2019, over the holiday months of December and January, 14,000 children presented to Perth Children’s Hospital Emergency Department for an injury, with the majority of these children being under five years old.

While the lead up to Christmas is already a busy time for parents, it’s important to be aware of the common injuries that can happen to children and put steps in place to reduce the risk of injury. Kidsafe WA recently delivered a short webinar on the risk of childhood injury over the holiday period, with a guest presentation from Royal Life Saving Society of WA on keeping kids safe around water. The recording of this webinar will be available until 31st January and can be access through the link below.

Kidsafe WA Webinar: Keeping Kids Safe over the Holidays

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Kidsafe WA webinars are supported by the Department of Health Western Australia.