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Kidsafe WA Workshops

Kidsafe WA offers a range of presentations and workshop available to new parent groups, child care centres, playgroups, community members and child
and allied health professional groups. The focus of these is to raise awareness of the common causes of childhood injury and reduce the rates by
providing simple and practical prevention tips.    

Workshops available include:

Professional Development: This workshop focuses on the priority areas and the risk factors that contribute to unintentional injuries
in children 0-15years of age, specific to your region. It is targeted at child & school health nurses, injury prevention, health promotion
& population health officers, allied health staff and child care workers. (45 minutes)

Keeping Kids Safe: Provides a practical overview of child safety and is a good options for groups wanting to focus on more than
one child injury prevention topic. This workshop covers topics relating to safety at home, during play and on the road. It is an interactive
presentation and provides practical steps on how to reduce the risk of injuries such as strangulation, poisoning, falls, burns, child car restraints
and driveway safety, also covering relevant first aid. Runs for approximately 45mins

Focused Child Safety Workshops: These sessions focus on the more common injury issues providing a focused look at injury prevention
around certain injuries such as:

  • Falls
  • Burns and Scalds
  • Poisoning
  • Holiday Safety (road travel, water and celebration safety)

Each workshop runs for approximately 45mins.

Naturally Kids Play: Are you interested in finding out more about Natural Playspaces? Not sure where to start? This workshop covers
ways to create playspaces that support children’s development, learning and wellbeing, it looks at the benefits of natural play, how to link
with Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) and National Quality Standard (NQS) and how they relate to the Australian Standards for playgroups.
Using uniquely Australian photos to inspire you to create a safe, stimulating and cost effective outdoor environment for children. The workshop
is great for staff, parents and owners/operators of licensed children’s services, OSHC, playgroups and schools.

School Classroom Incursions: Keeping WA Kids Safe is an interactive incursion for pre-primary, year 1, 2 and 3 students led by
Kidsafe WA. Sessions take place in the classroom and run for 40 minutes, covering key injury prevention topics of safety at home, at play and
on the road. (fee of $110 for one session, $55 per additional consecutive sessions on the same day) 

Guided Safety Demonstration House Tour: A guided tour will provide and introduction to Kidsafe WA and unintentional child injury
in Western Australia, tips on child injury prevention for the most common causes of injury including drowning, car and road, falls, burns and
poisoning. This is followed by an interactive walk through to see and experience child injury prevention measures. See and experience physical
examples of household items with child safety features.

To book or for further information visit or
contact Kidsafe WA