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New Multicultural Resource Now Available

Western Australia is a very diverse and multicultural society with 38% of the population having been born outside of Australia and 19.7% of the population
being children under the age of 15 years1. Injury is the leading cause of death in Australian children aged under 15 years with 7,000 children
a year being hospitalised for injuries.

In order to provide child safety and injury prevention messages to Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CaLD) groups, Kidsafe WA has created a new
resource aimed to facilitate group discussions and raise awareness of child injury prevention.

The resource, a flip chart, has been designed to assist educators, group facilitators and health professionals in facilitating group discussions and
raising awareness around preventing childhood injuries. The resource uses images and illustrations to display correct and incorrect child injury
prevention measures, while providing background information, key messages, group discussion points and a list of organisations and resources for
further information.

The resource and other professional facilitation resources can be purchased from our online shop.

For further information please contact Kidsafe WA at

1. Australian Bureau of statistics, 2011 Census Quick Stats. All people – usual residents.