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Nothing is Everything Campaign

Our latest campaign, Nothing is Everything, highlights the world we’re trying to create – a world where nothing bad happens to kids.

We believe when nothing happens, there’s everything to celebrate. Because when nothing happens, children aren’t admitted to the hospital due to serious injury. When nothing happens, children don’t have to live with the lasting impacts of preventable injuries. When nothing happens, parents don’t have to deal with a lifetime of loss.

Kidsafe Western Australia would like to thank creative agency Us+US and animators Lumberfly for collaborating on the development of this campaign. As part of this campaign, a series of videos were created to provide messaging on how to keep kids safe at home, on the road, and at play.

Quite simply, when it comes to our children, when nothing happens there’s everything to celebrate. And that’s down to all of us. Together, we can keep kids safe.

To view the series of videos please use the links below:

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