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Promoting Home Safety with ATCO

Kidsafe WA’s ongoing partnership with ATCO has helped to spread home safety messages to communities across Western Australia. At the Kidsafe WA centre in West Leederville, the partnership has helped to maintain the Safety Demonstration House, used to highlight potential points of child injury around the home. ATCO has provided important gas safety messages throughout the demonstration house including their ATCO FACTOs on how to use gas appliances safely and what steps to take if you suspect a gas leak (ATCO resources are now available in multiple languages in the Safety Demonstration House).

To keep your family safe around natural gas, learn the following ATCO FACTOs:

  1. Gas stoves are made for cooking, not heating your home. The incorrect use of gas appliances can be dangerous and lead to carbon monoxide poisoning.
  2. Gas appliances should be serviced every two years or annually if they are more than 10 years old. If not, they can emit dangerous carbon monoxide.
  3. When inhaled, carbon monoxide can cause headaches, blurred vision, dizziness, nausea, and loss of consciousness. If you experience any of these symptoms due to carbon monoxide exposure, seek medical help immediately.
  4. The rotten egg smell is added to natural gas as a safety precaution to help you detect gas leaks.
  5. If you detect a gas leak, eliminate ignition sources and leave the area immediately.
  6. For all gas faults and emergencies, call ATCO on 13 13 52.

To learn more about gas safety and how to reduce the risk of child injury around the home, join the Kidsafe WA team for a guided tour of the Safety Demonstration House, open to the public from 9am to 4pm Monday to Friday. For session times or to book a guided tour, contact Kidsafe WA on 6244 4880 or visit

The partnership between Kidsafe WA and ATCO continues to raise awareness of important child safety messages. Kidsafe WA look forward to continuing this partnership to ensure the WA community is provided with the best and most relevant information to protect children from injury.