Road Safety

Child Car Restraint Hiring Service

Kidsafe WA has a range of infant carriers, convertibles, combination restraints and booster seats available for hire. These restraints can be hired from our Kidsafe Centre.

BOOKINGS ARE ESSENTIALS and to ensure availability it is advised that you provide us with a minimum of 2 months’ notice.

All seats require a deposit of $60.00.

Baby Capsules & Infant Carriers

Baby Capsules available for hire: Britax Safe-n-Sound Unity and Maxi-Cosi Mico (AP & Plus)

Deposit $60.00
1 month$65.00
3 months $105.00
6 months $145.00
To extend hire – additional fee $20.00 per month
Infant Carrier Base Only
Deposit $30.00
1 month$15.00
3 months $40.00
6 months $70.00
To extend hire – additional fee $15.00 per month
Convertible, Combination Restraints & Booster Seats
Deposit $60.00
1 week $40.00
2 weeks $45.00
3 weeks $50.00
1 month (4 weeks) $55.00
2 months $65.00
3 months (13 weeks) $80.00
To extend hire – additional fee $15.00 per month

All restraint hire charges include a refundable deposit.

Minimum hire charge is one week (if hire is required for less than 7 days).

Hire charges are calculated in 1 week units for hires less than 1 month, and in monthly units for hire between 2 and 6 months. Charges for these time periods are for the specified length of time or part thereof.

To make a booking to hire a child car restraint call the centre on (08) 6244 4880.