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Australian Concussion Guidelines Updated

An amazing achievement from the Australian Institute of Sport has seen recent changes to the Australian Concussion guidelines for youth and community sports. The changes to these guidelines have been established with advice from the United...
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Connectivity Traumatic Brain Injury Australia (Connectivity), a national, independent, not-for-profit with a sole focus on traumatic brain injury (TBI), works to improve the outcomes of people who suffer from a TBI, including sports-related concussions....
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Kidsafe WA Goes Regional

Every year, the Kidsafe WA team travel to regional communities to deliver child injury prevention programs and services to keep country kids safe at home, on the road and at play. During each visit, Kidsafe WA staff deliver free primary school incursions, professional...
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Kidsafe WA is Hiring!

Kidsafe WA is seeking an experienced Research Manager to coordinate effective strategies for research and evaluation. For full details of the position and application proces...
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Button Batteries

Button batteries are flat, round, coin-sized batteries that can cause severe injury and death if swallowed. They are commonly found in household products, such as hearing aids, novelty items, toys, musical greeting cards, remote controls, kitchen and bathroom scales and...
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Child Injury Prevention in North WA

Kidsafe WA has teamed up with Horizon Power and the Department of Health WA for another fantastic visit to the Pilbara and Kimberley regions of WA. Thanks to this partnership, our Kidsafe WA team are able to deliver important electrical...
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Reducing Injury Risk Over the Holidays

Around the Home: Ensure toys are appropriate for the child’s age and stage of development and are of good quality. Be aware of toys, novelty items and decorations containing button batteries around Christmas time andensure children...
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