Child Car Restraint Fitting & Checking Service

Kidsafe WA offers a cost effective service for those who require assistance with installing a child car restraint or would like the installation of the restraint checked.

The fitting service provides a comprehensive overview of how you child car restraint works to ensure that you are using it correctly. It is then installed into the vehicle and each customer is provided with an electronic copy of a service record. 

The fitting and checking service is available at:

Kidsafe WA Installation Technicians also run weekly services at several metropolitan locations including:

Kidsafe WA Child Car Restraint Fitting & Checking Service Fees (New prices as of 1 August 2019)
Checking previously installed Child car seats:

Conversion of restraint either from rearward or forward facing:

Fitting your child car seat:


NB: Prices listed above are for locations including Bunnings, Glengarry Private Hospital and the Kidsafe WA centre only. Accessories such as extension straps and Anchor bolts are an additional cost. Other costs may also apply – contact Kidsafe WA for further information when booking. 

***Where factory fitted anchor points are not present, the customer is required to install at their own cost, an anchorage system that meets the Australian Design Rules with certification from Department of Transport. Kidsafe WA can provide the names of businesses experienced in Type 2 Fitting.

To make a booking for a child car restraint fitting call the centre on (08) 6244 4880.