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B-cycle Battery Recycling

In Australia, 20 children every week present to an emergency department for a button battery ingestion. Batteries are found in every family home in a variety of shapes and sizes and can pose serious harm to children if ingested. But how do you safely remove batteries from your household?

B-cycle is a Scheme supported by the Commonwealth, and all State and Territory Governments and authorised by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission to establish collection points across Australia to recycle and safely remove batteries. As batteries cannot be placed in household rubbish bins, individuals can drop off their batteries at any of the locations listed on the b-cycle website.

Button batteries can be found in a variety of items at home that include toys, television remotes, car keys, garage remotes and much more. The ingestion of a button battery can have serious complications, often requiring multiple surgeries, and in severe cases may result in death. Removing button batteries from the household allows parents to protect young children from the possibility of ingestion and prevent injuries from occurring.

If you suspect your child has ingested any form of battery head straight to your local emergency department and in case of breathing difficulties call triple zero.

Before dropping off your batteries, ensure the terminals are covered with non-conductive tapes such as duct tape, clear sticky tape or electrical tape.

To view where your closest B-Cycle location is visit