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June is Burns Awareness Month!

Kidsafe WA is partnering with ANZBA for the annual National Burns Awareness Month this June! National Burns Awareness Month is an initiative by Kidsafe Australia, Australia’s leading independent not-for-profit organisation dedicated to promoting safety and preventing childhood injuries and accidents.

June is recognised as burns awareness month, as each year, we continuously see a spike in burn injuries in children.

The month will start with a social media campaign, raising awareness of burns and scald injuries, preventing burn injuries, and teaching how to administer first aid correctly to both children and adults.

Kidsafe Australia will also focus on burn injuries from fire pits and campfires this year. These burn mechanisms are highly used in winter and can cause serious injuries far too quickly.

Kidsafe Australia will share burn prevention and safety messaging on its Facebook page and encourage you to raise awareness of burn prevention on your platforms.

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