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Coming Soon: Kidsafe WA’s Interactive e-Learning Tool for Primary Schools

Kidsafe WA is excited to announce the upcoming launch of Safety Island – a new and improved interactive e-learning tool designed for primary school students to learn about preventing injuries in a fun and engaging way.

Schools are an ideal location to promote awareness of childhood injury prevention methods to ensure West Australian children become healthy adults. Following injuries that happen at home, schools are the second most common location for childhood injuries, with almost half of injury-related hospital presentations being primary school-aged children. Safety Island provides students with the opportunity to learn about common types of injuries and steps they can take to keep themselves and others around them safe.

Safety Island takes students on a journey through four modules covering safety at home, on the road, at play, and on the farm. Each module provides engaging content for children that links to the Western Australian Curriculum’s Health and Physical Education learning area in the strand of Personal, Social and Community Health.

Thanks to the user-friendly design of Safety Island, teachers can facilitate a class lesson on safety and injury prevention in two formats. Modules can be accessed through a web browser and completed as a whole class lesson, or students can individually complete modules on iPads and other smart devices. At the end of each module, students can complete a short quiz to test their knowledge of injuries and how to stay safe.

Once launched, Safety Island will be accessible through the Kidsafe WA website, with no registration required. Users are able to immediately start each module with supporting resources provided, including a Teacher’s Guide to Safety Island and a downloadable PDF certificate to provide to students upon completion.

Kidsafe WA’s latest primary school injury prevention resource is set to be launched in March 2024. For more information and updates on the launch of Safety Island, subscribe to our Safety Island Mailing List or contact

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