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A Parent’s Guide to Baby’s First Year

Kidsafe WA, with the support of the Department of Health WA, has released a new resource for new and expecting parents and carers. A Parent’s Guide to Baby’s First Year provides safety information to reduce the risk of common injuries that can happen to babies and toddlers during their first 12 months of life.

Injuries are the leading cause of death and hospitalisation in Australian children. While children of all ages are at risk of injury, babies and toddlers are particularly vulnerable in their first year of life. From birth, babies are constantly learning new skills as they become mobile, exposing them to a greater range of potential hazards in their environment. Most injuries that happen to children under 12 months old occur in the home, where they are likely to spend most of their time.

A Parent’s Guide to Baby’s First Year covers safety tips to prevent poisoning, burns and scalds, falls, information on safe sleeping and product safety, and many other topics. The guide also includes important information on child car restraints and how to transport babies and toddlers safely.

Click here to download this or order printed copies through the online shop. For guides, fact sheets and more, check out our resource page.

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