At Kidsafe WA we are dedicated to promoting safety and preventing childhood injuries and accidents in Western Australia. Children are naturally inquisitive beings. As they grow and learn new skills they can quickly get themselves into danger. Even as they get older children may be too young to understand or remember about danger. At Kidsafe WA we offer a range of services and resources to assist parents and carers to help keep their children safe so they can grow into healthy adults.

The ‘How We Can Help’ section includes the services Kidsafe WA offers across the program areas of home, road and play. This includes the safety demonstration house, child car restraint services, playground advice services and information sessions and workshops.

The ‘Resource’ section incorporates all of Kidsafe WA’s injury prevention fact sheets, brochures and guides. These provide important information of key safety issues as well as strategies on how to prevent injuries.

To complement our services Kidsafe WA also sells a range of safety products and publications to help keep your family safe, whether you’re in the kitchen, the bathroom, the living room or the car. All of our products can be purchased online through our shop or directly through our centre. To visit our shop click ‘Purchase Safety Products’.