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Preventing Injuries these Holidays

Summer holidays can be a fun-filled period of the year with many families planning long car trips and lots of activities to entertain the kids. During this...
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Playground Injury Research Report

Playgrounds provide important opportunities for children’s physical and cognitive development, encourage social and interactive play, and contribute to...
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Nothing is Everything Campaign

Our latest campaign, Nothing is Everything, highlights the world we’re trying to create – a world where nothing bad happens to kids. We believe when...
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Consumer Protection Awards 2022

The Consumer Protection Awards provide an opportunity to recognise individuals and groups who help communities understand and have better access to consumer...
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Kidsafe WA is Hiring

Kidsafe WA is seeking a graduate health promotion project officer to assist in organising and coordinating child injury prevention programs. For full details of the position and...
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Keeping Kids Safe on Farms Webinar

Kidsafe WA are very excited to be running a Keeping Kids Safe on Farms webinar on Thursday the 24th of June from 10am – 11am AWST via Zoom. The webinar is...
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